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Momentum recently added to its fleet the PIPE - LAY Barge ISRAFIL HUSEYNOV and will be doing various jobs in the Caspian Sea over the next few years

December, 2008

The Pipe lay Barge ISRAFIL HUSEYNOV (PLBG) is a pipe laying vessel and is the largest vessel of its kind in the Caspian Sea. There are currently no other vessels that can handle large diameter pipe in deep water in the Caspian.

The vessel was designed as a non-self propelled barge and was transported to the Caspian from Finland in sections. Once in the Caspian the barge was assembled in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1990. Over the past several years the barge has been in regular use in the Caspian, but most notably has been recently upgraded throughout.

The vessel has the capacity to install “piggy back” pipelines and can handle pipe diameters from 4” – 30”. The firing line is just off-center to starboard with 2 x 90 t pipe tensioners and a 180 t A & R winch. 4 well positioned deck cranes assist with pipe transfer onto the large cargo decks.

General specifications: Power generation:
L.O.A.120.0 m    Main engine5X1150 kw
Max.Breadth33.0 m Harbour engine 1x500 kw
Molded Depth12.67 m Emergency engine 1x200 kw
Draft6.99 m   
Dead Weight7211.0 t   
Displacement17592.0 t   
Deck Area600.0 sq.m   
Cargo capacity3000.0 t   


Pipelay Capacity:
Pipe lines of 4” – 30” with equipment currently on board with a maximum OD of 65” (including coating)

Main Firing Line:
5x welding stations, 1x dedicated NDT station with large NDT office adjacent, 3x coating stations.

Download Overview and General Specifications of Pipe Lay Barge ISRAFIL HUSEYNOV (PLBG)    (4.20 MB)


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